Explore, Enjoy
the beautiful Spanish Mar Menor
Lagoon and the Mediterranean

6.3m Quick Silver Sport - up to 5 passengers

11.5m Fly Bridge Day trips or fishing - up to 11 passengers

13m Sloop - Up to 10 passengers

11.5m Fly Bridge Cruiser. Comfortable fishing up to 6 passengers

15.85 metre Gib Sea Master - up to 10 passengers

6.5m Rib Motor Sport/Water taxi - up to 7 passengers

Self drive rigid boat for hire with or without licence -  capacity 6 people
Self drive semi-rigid boat for hire with or without licence -  capacity 6 people
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Sea.doo - personal watercraft for self drive hire.
Free time rental or various organised excursions on the Mar Menor/Mediterrean.
Mar Menor and the Manga Strip

To the Southeast of the Province of Murcia in Spain, there is a large expanse of salt water called the Mar Menor. An enormous lagoon, approximately 26 km long and 7 km wide, famous for its warm, tranquil and salty water, rich in health giving minerals.


The Mar Menor is very well served by Spain's road network and in easy reach of Alicante, Torrevieja and Cartagena.

Boat trips

Charter Muffy have been providing tourists with superb sailing and motor cruiser trips on the beautiful Mar Menor Lagoon and the local Mediterranean waters for many years.


Most of the cruises include a limited number of beers, soft drinks and fresh water, together with snorkelling and fishing equipment where required.


Our main Flybridge boat is fully equipped for coastal and deep sea fishing. Big game fishing is also available with Tuna and other such fish regularly being caught.


Many of the local beaches have waterside restaurants, but, during the high season, long waits for tables can take up part of your day.  BRING A PICNIC and any other drink you require and stay on board !!

Boat Rules


  • Smoking not permitted whilst underway.

  • Footwear - boating shoes, white soled trainers or bare foot.

  • Clothing - shorts, swimwear or tracksuit advised.

We cater for all your requirements and special events with tailored made trips!

Pick up points